As we inch towards the closing of the year, it’s time to contemplate on a variety of our portfolios for their assorted hues.

We Envision to give our best. In this section, we are showcasing clients and assignments that have not just kept us busy like a bee but have also helped us blossom like a dazzling flower through the journey. Their combined portfolio has grossed us a whopping 10crore worth business. But our excitement is double as the projects undertaken have been equally exhilarating.

First in our list is HPE, our partner marketing. We are doing partner marketing campaigns for HPE. With over 100 campaigns including customer events, partner training sessions, partner enablement events, lead generation, demand generation, database inclusion, webinars; we’ve done it all! Our tele-calling team has generated 2000+ audiences for their various events. Their flagship events for the year included IT Biz, PSPC and CSP.

Our fervent client SAP and its partners are a force we loved to invigorate for sure! With 12 physical events across 8 cities and 12 partners, our calendar was chalk-a-block for about 5 months. Our end-to-end solution for over 400 attendees through the events was the key highlight to our spontaneity, vigour, and craftsmanship in every genre. Known for inviting the who’s who of respective industries in events organised by SAP, we along with SAP partners facilitated the guest speakers from fitness conglomerate Wakefit and earwear emperor boAt. Our tele-calling team has generated 1000+ audiences for their various events.

Etching an indelible mark in our heart has been Commvault. We began the year with mild interactions with this portfolio. Now, we are proud to claim the fame by being called synonymous to events related activities by them. Be it customer focused event, engaging with channel partners for incentives and rewards or events focused on employees; our bonding and association is a resultant of perfect alignment of thoughts. As a showcase to our collaboration, we have successfully handled events with over 300 attendees and branded entire building with our creatives during sales kick-off. We look forward to our flagship event for FY23 in January.

These quintessential portfolios are precious gems that help us glow with their radiance and guide us to see beyond to exhibit our true potential.