As the year draws to a close, our Co-Founder & Director Mr. Sandipan Ray pens down a special thank you to our esteemed clients for their ever-increasing bond with Redefine.

Getting the Mojo Back

As the time of the year chimes to a close for 2022, there is a sense of renewed jubilation and spectacular freshness in the air. With this edition of our newsletter, we would like to thank our esteemed clients and encapsulate our colossal achievements throughout the year. Our excitement is doubled as we swell in anticipation of our already committed assignments!

With the life-changing experience of the past couple of years, we literally saw a paradigm shift in our approach and conduct to problems and issues. Our hard work, sweat and toil to rebound fastest finally pulled off.

As we spring back to achieve key milestones, we are all energized and motivated to take the bull by its horns! Just as our clients hasten to reach their yearly goals, our work too has increased manifolds, surpassing the pre-Covid markers is an indication of our combined great successes and spirit. We have our hands busy delivering multiple projects, holding at least 2 quarterly residential events and are abound with tele calling projects.

Our fast-growing community of CIOs, CTOs, CISOs and CXOs are a rejuvenating factor to our focus guiding us with actionable insights and comprehensive knowledgebase to steer through the transitioning juncture.

We are growing and getting more hands-on deck, enhancing our capabilities in content and communication, and adding new clients and providing intense services to our present portfolio. And we are pretty sure you are beaming in the sunshine too. Redefine is our journey with you, together. We look forward to your continued patronage and support in all our endeavours. Let’s celebrate and raise our toast to finally and truly getting the mojo back!

Best regards,
Sandipan Ray