We want to give our clients a complete experience. Hence, it's essential for us to look at every assignment through the glass to filter out the jazz and generate pure results.

We believe in providing end-to-end solutions to our clients. Due to our compatibility, clients have not just reached out to us for event execution but also for suggestions and ideas. As thorough marketers we utilise PRISM to reach to successful conclusions.

Worth mentioning in this section is our client Mercom India. A subsidiary of US based conglomerate Mercom Capital Group; the intent was to move out of the shadows of other events by participating with a mere stall. Leveraging our expertise, Mercom India has singularly held 8 successful events out of which we prepped them up for 4. With our end-to-end solution had the privilege to handle their grand events that saw a participation of 300 people in every single day of a 2-day event. There have often been innovative branding prospects brainstormed. Focus has been on how the branding material can be subtly embedded in our everyday lives even after the events conclude. This has led us to understand the core agenda of the company and study the attendees who visit these events and understand their sentiments, demography, and culture. Post this, in collaboration with the clients, we’ve designed and executed promotional merchandise like branding on bottles and on pillows besides executing the complete events. The ROI was measured for every event undertaken and the impact of the ideas carefully calibrated.

To mitigate the hurdle of having event participations and audiences, Mercom India is keen on utilising our audience generation services for their upcoming events.

Another portfolio that has helped us evolve is Accops Systems Private Limited. Our expertise and innovations have been used in all aspects of physically executing the events. We’ve organized multiple number of physical events along with gifting support. As we have been embedded throughout the process of execution, we have focussed on increasing ROI in minutest of details. Working as a single team with the client has allowed us the flexibility to propose and dispose ideas during our deliberations.

We reflect our clients and how they shape us. We are growing and adapting to many new technologies in the events & content marketing industry. Be it intertwining hybrid versions or making event reach millions through social media, we’ve enhanced our capabilities to embrace it all. Let’s together take your brand to higher reaches, so you sore high in the limitless skies like a majestic phoenix.