The Power Of Social Media: How It Can Make Or Break Your Business

By Smita Jha
Staff Writer

The popular messaging app Snapchat and its founder Evan Spiegel have been at the


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Commercialized Loyalty

By Sandipan Ray
Director, Redefine

As the 10th year of the highly commercial and successful cricket league IPL reaches its


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Employee Engagement Programs

By Akshita

Human beings are known to be productive and performance oriented when


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Colourful Shades at Work

By Sahiba kaur Chawla

Work and travel together is blissful. I was on shoot for one of our clients filming an emotional branding film,


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My experiments with ART

By Nilotpal Kaushik

Colours and I had a special relationship ever since I was a kid. I remember looking up at the rainbow and being awed


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Team Building : To Build a Great Team

By Payal Gupta

My company’s moto is “One team, one Dream” and to keep up the pace with the same, they have been organising various

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